NOISE CONTROL SOLUTIONS for Your Science Lab, Cafe, Hall

Noise Control is essential in a myriad of scenarios.

Science lab, care, restaurant, music suditorium, school hall, library, etc.

We have a large range of noise control solutions. These consist of acoustic panels in several formats. We have panels designed to hang from or be attached to your ceiling. This is extremely important in many educational and commercial situations. in many locations, we can arrange an expert noise consultant who will measure reverberation and produce a report and recommendations on how to move forward.

We can then offer a variety of noise control solutions which are practical and stylish.

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In a classroom such as a science lab, echoes need to be around 0.7 of a second but we have seen situations where there is a 2.7 second reverberation time. This makes it absolutely impossible to teach efficiently.

In restaurants and cafes, we need a bit of background noise to give a bit of a buzz. However, this needs to be around 76db maximum otherwise you lose customers.

The following article is excellent in explaining the “Cafe Effect”.


We have solutions in the form of ceiling panels and wall tiles which can greatly reduce echoes.

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