Acoustic Custom Installation

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Are loud echoes and reverberation chasing your clients away?


If your cafe or restaurant is noisy, we can guarantee you are losing business.

How many times have you avoided a place where you can’t hear yourself think – or maybe can hear everybody think? 

Is your science lab so echoey that it becomes almost impossible to teach efficiently?

We have teamed up with manufacturers to bring you a solution – and have it looking great.

You may need echo dampening ceiling panels or acoustic tiles on your walls. Maybe a pinboard or two?

You are welcome to contact us to discuss design and options.

In metropolitan areas, we may be able to arrange a free acoustic measurement with a report showing reverberation times and an attractive solution to your problem.

This article by WorkCover Queensland is extremely informative on attaining the correct level of ambient noise in a restaurant or other public area.

Here is another terrific article by Restaurant Engine.

Another article by James Whitlock and George Dodd describes the “Cafe Effect” in this article.