Communication Board Selection, Care & Maintenance

Whiteboards – Porcelain Boards – Glass Boards

At STORM RUSSO we offer an extensive range of writing surfaces for various applications from small offices to large corporate and educational facilities. There is a difference! Choosing the correct surface is important to fulfil your customers expectations. Porcelain (or vitreous enamel) surfaces are a white ceramic glass fused onto a steel substrate under extremely high temperatures. This offers a highly scratch resistant surface suitable for heavy writing uses. Projection Porcelain is different again—with the surface embedded with mica crystals to increase the gain for better viewing with projectors. It is a matte surface so erasing is wet rather than dry wipe.The Writings on the Wall

Painted steel surfaces are comprised of multiple layers of painted steel with a white top coat baked under moderate oven temperatures. The  Surface can be scratched and is suitable for all moderate use applications. Glass writing surfaces are made from a tempering process that makes them up to 8 times stronger than standard glass. The glass cannot be cut after tempering. If broken, the glass shatters into small harmless pieces. The surface is extremely stain resistant. Hard laminates are offered as whiteboards now. Such surfaces in the past were generally offered as doors or bench-tops. They have a plastic resin surface and the quality of erasing is very dependent on the quality and quantity of the resin layers applied.



All surfaces need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Ensure you use the correct dry erase marker rather than a permanent pen. Ensure that your eraser is clean. Our Magic Wipe cleaning cloth is an excellent environment friendly solution capable of removing difficult marks. If you have permanent writing or stubborn stains you can ‘write over’ them with a dry erase marker which will help to remove. Ghosting is the feint remains of writing and is not evidence of a faulty surface. Alcohol based cleaning fluids can be used for stubborn stains. Do not use abrasive cleaners. Leaving whiteboard marks on the surface for longer than 24 hours is not recommended as the longer they’re left, the more difficult to erase because of various external effects from UV lights to air conditioning. Projection Porcelain is for 80% projection and 20% writing. Wet wipe of writing is recommended immediately after the presentation. Glass and Porcelain offer the best cleaning results.


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A pinboard is a vital component to collect and exchange ideas and thoughts. Wherever people plan, meet and create… simply share your  thoughts by pinning your ideas to the wall.

Sometimes in office design, pinboards are almost an afterthought. Pinboards (or noticeboards) are colourful adding a buzz and energy to any meeting space. Plus they reduce harsh acoustic levels in areas where hard surfaces are used. A single notice board can become cluttered and unused. Don’t cram too much information on one board. Use multiple pinboards so your information is easily viewable. You can choose to integrate pinboards with writing boards to create a dramatic and aesthetic communication wall.

Available in either a wrapped frameless finish, standard aluminium frame or EDGE LX7000 architectural.

  • CORK: 100% natural and renewable material that compliments all natural décor
  • FELT: Made from wool dyed fibres which are non woven. A good value pinboard option.
  • VELOUR: Woven polyester fibre made from 60% recycled content. Excellent sound absorption index of 0.4— which means that 40% of sound is absorbed. Velcro receptive as well.
  • ACOUSTICA: 100% manufactured from recycled Australian tyres. Excellent sound absorbpion. Easy to clean.
  • KROMMENIE: GECA certified material made from fine crushed cork, resin and linseed oil. Holes are self healing. Bacteriostatic properties makes this ideal for Healthcare uses.