GLASSBOARDS have a Lifetime Surface Guarantee

Magnetic glass whiteboards are the 21st Century whiteboards!

Great! Better! Best!

Standard whiteboards are a brilliant means of communicate. Porcelain whiteboards are more rugged and suited to constant use. Glass whiteboards are simply unbeatable in performance. Clean – “good things come in glass”, rugged and the surface is guaranteed for 50 years.
Glassboards are extremely flexible in that you can use both whiteboard markers and more permanent markers.
The former is wiped with a whiteboard eraser and the latter with a damp cloth.
Wonderful for Noughts & Crosses!

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Glass boards always look modern and new as they are easily cleaned. They are hygienic.

We give our glassboards a surface guarantee of 50 years..

We carry a range of glassboards from the elegant Lumiere magnetic range to architectural variants, to projection versions and mobile ones. We have black glass magnetic versions as well as the traditional white ones as well as customised colour versions.   We have versions specifically pre-printed for music and we can customise them as a foyer information board.

We are currently working on designing a glass board wall which will add new possibilities to the way whiteboards are used.

Care & Maintenance


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