Architects’ Collaboration from Inception to Final

Architects!  From communication items such as whiteboards and pin boards, to assistance with ideas and advice,  we will collaborate with you to reach a satisfactory end product. We are always up to date with the latest products, which we rigidly research and test for durability and safety.  Together we will discuss the spaces required for your specific design, and assist in selecting the furniture and communication boards to suit the needs of your clients.

We can assist with:

  • Sizes available for your elevations
  • Specific requirements for installation of all types of communication boards
  • Frame variations and powder-coating options
  • New and innovative whiteboard technologies
  • Datasheets for fire safety and noise reduction on required specifications
  • Acoustic control products for science labs, classrooms, offices, cafeterias, libraries, etc
  • The latest designs in height-adjustable products
  • We liaise with builders to assist with the specified installations

Please note that we always quote to your specifications to help achieve your vision.