Comfort is your No. 1 Necessity!
Functionality, style and ease of use run a close second.

We supply all types of chairs including office chairs, cafe chairs, training chairs.
Our chairs come in leather, mesh and also in fabric.
We have accessories. If you don’t see exactly what you need, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll do our best to source your requirements. Phone: 0414 945 576

EMAIL US Phone: 0414 945 576

Look for these features in your office, boardroom, visitor, cafe, training chairs:
Several adjustable features. If you’ll be in your office for much of the day, you should be able to control your seat height, backrest tilt and armrest height. For other tips on minimising pain, see’s handy checklist.
Appropriate weight capacity and seat size. Most chairs are adjustable enough to accommodate a variety of shapes and sizes, but workers with smaller or larger frames should see whether there are special designs that will better suit them. We have several heavy duty variants which may be more suitable for your use.
Comfortable, durable upholstery. Regardless of upholstery type, a chair should allow for at least some airflow and resist stains. Stitching should hold up to wear and tear, and seams should be placed where they won’t irritate skin. Your preference may be for mesh or you may lean towards leather. Leather is generally more durable than PU (imitation leather) but there are times PU is appropriate.
Chairs usage. Chairs designed for the boardroom differ from those used for working at your desk, those designed for the visitor or for a cafe. Boardroom chairs are designed to keep attendees alert where task/office chairs are designed for long term comfort and spinal support. Visitor or cafe variations will again be of a totally different design. It may be that light chairs are required which can be easily stacked and transported. Training chairs are designed to maybe carry a laptop or tablet and have the option of being joined together.
For your health. It’s a very good idea to get up from your chair at least every hour and walk around a bit. Have a look at this anti-ageing video from Realage.
The offer of trialling a sample chair. Don’t hesitate to ask us and if at all practicable we’ll arrange a sample chair. This is a worthwhile exercise with large orders.

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