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Just pin it!
Sometimes in office design, pin boards are almost an afterthought.
Pinboards (or notice-boards) are colourful adding a buzz and energy to any meeting space. Plus they reduce harsh acoustic levels in areas where hard surfaces are used.

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A single notice board can become cluttered and unused. Don’t cram too much information on one board. Use multiple pin boards so your information is easily viewable. You can choose to integrate pin boards with writing boards to create a dramatic and aesthetic communication wall.
Available in either a wrapped frameless finish, standard aluminium frame or EDGE LX7000 architectural.
The right product for your needs
CORK: 100% natural and renewable material.
Compliments all-natural décor
FELT: Made from wool dyed fibres which are non-woven. A good value pinboard option.
VELOUR: Woven polyester fibre made from 60% recycled content. Excellent sound absorption index of 0.4—which means that 40% of sound is absorbed. Velcro receptive as well.
ACOUSTICA: 100% manufactured from recycled Australian tyres. Excellent sound absorption.
Easy to clean.
KROMMENIE: GECA certified material made from fine crushed cork, resin and linseed oil. Holes are self-healing.
Bacteriostatic properties make this ideal for Healthcare uses.

A better deal for Australian businesses
Whether you’re in Sydney or Perth, you’ll be able to benefit from Storm Russo’s exceptional range of pinboards and high-quality customer service. Whether we’re outfitting a space with whiteboards or consulting on classroom design, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our dedication to customer satisfaction. Delivering across Australia, we help more companies in more places get the products and services they need to succeed.
Discuss your needs with our team today and discover why so many Australian businesses choose Storm Russo. Call us on 0414 945 576 or send us a message via our contact page and one of our team will be in touch.

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