AIRO Height-Adjustable Desks – Sitting is the new Smoking!

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AIRO Height-Adjustable DESK – WOW and available NOW!

This 21st Century desk comes in three sizes to suit your specific purpose.

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The AIRO height-adjustable desk is the modern way to work. The patented pneumatic design is an Australian innovation

AIR1200 – This is the 1200 wide, stylish height-adjustable desk.

  • Satin silver aluminium shark nose front profile.
  • 2 semi-concealed wheels for easy moving.
  • The melamine top is white – 1200x700x23mm

AIR1500 – Perfect for the office with radial corners (rounded) and no dangerous sharp corners.

AIR1800 – Perfect when you need a larger office workstation or a smaller meeting table, also with radial corners (rounded) with no dangerous sharp corners.

The 1500 and 1800 height-adjustable desks are available just as frames and you can add your own top if you prefer. This can be an AIRO top as in the options. These are pre-drilled so they bolt straight on.

If you prefer more colour flexibility and a more economical option AND you are a bit handy, you can select a 1500x750mm top or an 1800 x 900mm top from our Desk & Table Tops Page.  You will need to drill your own mounting holes with this option. This is great if you are handy with tools as you will need to drill a few holes.

As a third option, you can supply and fit your own top to your AIRO height-adjustable desk.

AIRO represents the end of the old-fashioned desk that is height adjusted using a crank handle. It appears that the electric desks have killed the crank handle.

Does that mean that the future is only electric … nope .. We think AIRO has an extremely diverse usage profile.

  • It’s fast .. up and down .. before an electric one has almost started.
  • It’s reliable.
  • It’s non-electric – so it can go in places where there’s no electricity. Or save the organisation the cost of cabling electricity.
  • Older buildings? Concrete floors? Open plan areas? Lots of applications.

The word will spread.

AIRO and its pneumatic works are protected by international patents.

It works on compressed airlifted struts reducing its environmental impact.

No more nasty burning coal to power those electric desks.

We are proud of AIRO.

You can easily load an AIRO with 35Kg.

The future for health and comfort at the workplace – AIRO pneumatic height-adjustable desks.

An absolutely perfect height adjustable student desk or office desk.

It’s said that sitting is the new smoking!

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AIRO is world patented by an Australian Company! Remember that deliver free to Sydney metro. We will deliver at no charge to Melbourne metro. Free delivery to Brisbane Metro. If you aren’t in a free delivery area, we will ensure minimum delivery charges. It’s all about getting you the best for less!


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Phone: 0414 945 576

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AIRO Options

1200x700x23mm – Complete Desk, 1500x700x23mm – Complete Desk, 1800x800x23mm – Complete Desk, 1500mm Frame – No Desk Top, 1800mm Frame – No Desk Top, 1500x700x23mm – Desk Top Only, 1800x800x23mm – Desk Top Only