Australia’s Valet Service for Whiteboards, Communication Boards, Office Furniture & Sound Control

Give your employees the tools they need to get the job done.

Specialising in Education, NFPs and B2B

Storm Russo is an Australian boutique online retailer of whiteboards, pinboards, office furniture, office chairs and fittings, providing everything the modern business, school and office needs to succeed.

It’s all about service. Our goal is always customer satisfaction, so we’ve endeavoured to provide a broad but carefully chosen range of products to better meet the needs of our diverse client base.

Located in the Southern Highlands of NSW, we provide the entire Storm Russo range to companies across the country. Whether you’re in Sydney, Darwin or Hobart, we want to assist you, delivering our full range of communication boards and office furniture for sale to your door. Take a look at our catalogue today and discover something to help your organisation.

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Dedicated to locally-made quality

The Storm Russo collection has something to meet every need. From desks to reception counters, display cases, whiteboards, pinboards and projector screens, we make it easier to do everything from planning out a project, to running a productive staff meeting, showing off your awards and receiving guests and clients. A lot goes into building a successful organisation in the 21st century; let us take the stress out of sourcing the right equipment.

A wholly Australian-owned business, we pride ourselves on buying from local suppliers and manufacturers where possible, giving back to the same community we serve every day. We offer more to our customers, connecting you with experts in office fit-outs and classroom design, helping you build more productive, thoughtful and professional spaces. Whatever kind of organisation you run, ensure you’re building it intelligently with support from the team at Storm Russo. Browse our range or start a conversation about our services to learn more.


A better choice for your business

You won’t find a company more dedicated to helping Australia succeed than Storm Russo. Whether you’re looking to buy a few pieces of comfortable, modern furniture for a home office or looking to comprehensively transform your company’s space, we want to be part of the process.

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