Amazing! Projection Porcelain 3600mm x 1200mm Powder Coated Frame – Premium Class




Special 12mm Mount for this Projection Porcelain Board

Powder Coated Frame designed for minimum width and maximum strength.

The LX2 me is available in a range of powder coating colours.

Contact us regarding other colours.

Modern Short-throw projectors require a minimalist frame and an extremely rigid surface.

It’s a porcelain whiteboard, also called a vitreous enamel whiteboard or porcelain whiteboard or even an enamel whiteboard. Added to this is the low sheen which makes it also suitable for a projection screen. It’s a split personality!

These projection porcelain whiteboards are ideal as school whiteboards, school porcelain whiteboards or simply school boards.

The frame on a projection porcelain board, if too wide will affect the focusing of a modern intelligent short-throw projector.

The projector will scan the surface and determine the optimal focus and adjust accordingly.

The new frame on this 3600mm wide board is designed to work correctly with these units. The 12mm base for the porcelain ensures that this board will not buckle or be affected by any pressure while being written on. One can say it’s the “Rolls Royce” of projection porcelain boards.

The board is mounted using a FULL-WIDTH split batten system to maximise stability on the wall.

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Landscape, Portrait

Powder Coating Colour

White, Black, Pearl, Custom (Specify)