As a company … we may not be able to change the world. However .. we can change how we act and the daily decisions we’re resposnsible for. Visionchart is delighted to introduce our Bioboard backing on all our Communicate Range of products from July 2010.

As manufacturer’s .. we’re delighted to be part of an environmental solution.

Look for the Bioboard logo on all our products … it’s your guarantee that your purchase is protecting our planet.

..What is Bioboard ?
  • No toxic glues or carcinogenic formaldehyde are used in the production of Bioboard.
  • Bioboard is soft and firm. It is an ideal pinnable substrate.
  • In our case it includes : sugar, rice, corn or wheat stalks .. and/or plantation poplar trees.
  • Biomass is a renewable energy resource made from living or recently living organisms.
  • Bioboard is made from agricultural ‘biomass’.
  • It is used in all Visionchart ‘Communicate range of whiteboards, corkboards & feltboards.
  • Bioboard is a 100% environment friendly backing board.
  • Bioboard is 100% biodegradable
  • In the past, biomass would have been burnt after harvesting… with substantial carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.
  • In using Bioboard, Visionchart can now play a part in reducing such emissions.
  • Bioboard . Good for Communication. Good for the environment.
  • And Bioboard Communication boards .. are only available from Visionchart.
  • All Visionchart products are available through Storm Russo Enterprises.